An interview series for Tenants Victoria

Tenants Victoria wanted to share real stories of how their website assists renters to resolve tenancy issues.

Needing to drive traffic away from their phone hotline, the video series should highlight the comprehensive nature of their website. We interviewed five tenants from around the state to hear how they had utelised Tenants Victoria website and resources in a variety of ways. 

Watch the full collection.

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Produced for Tenants Victoria

Producer, director & editor: Jess O'Farrell
Director of photography: Michael Lincoln
Camera & lighting assist: Neha Shenvi
Camera & lighting assist: Angela Vogt
Graphics: Aysha Zackariya & Jess O'Farrell
Colourist: David Goldsmith
Sound Mix: Dead on Sound


As themselves: Jess, Nazha, Jason, Achut and Maryann