Financial Counsellors from South East Community Links discuss financial abuse and how the financial services industry can respond to the issue.

Financial abuse is a serious form of family violence that can be prevented with the participation of financial institutions.

Created as an advocacy piece for the financial services industry, experienced financial counsellors from South East Community Links (SECL) share their expertise on working with victims of financial abuse. Kay, Rachna and Maher suggest policy changes in the financial services industry to address systemic problems.

Two women are seated in an office speaking


Produced for for South East Community Links

Producer / Director: Jess O'Farrell
Director of photography: Hamish Palmer
Lighting Assist: Caitlin Bryan
Sound Recordist: Kwamena Brace
Editor: Aysha Zackariya
Colourist: David Goldsmith
Sound Mix: Dead on Sound

SECL Speakers: Kay Dilger, Rachna  Madaan-Bowman & Maher Massoud